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Just pushed a new version of cherry-cljs to npm. Ported almost all fixes, etc from clavascript. I must say that it's becoming slightly annoying to have to maintain two almost identical code bases so I can't help that splitting some things into a library will make things easier, although there are sometimes tiny differences between the two. @mrdalloca if you want to help out (as you proposed in #clavascript), here are two issues that is just grunt work:

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Tiago Dall'Oca18:09:20

should I submit as PR?


perhaps custom reader macros would allow accounting for those differences


you’d need your own build process for that but given that these tools are themselves build tools may not be too out of reach

Tiago Dall'Oca20:10:43

@U04V15CAJ it took me a while but now I'm starting on issue 57 😅