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In light of this announcement I want to encourage people to file or comment on tickets in github if there's anything that's buggy, or bothering you, or should be improved. I know it sometimes feels like that stuff just sits there, but we will be reviewing, triaging, and prioritizing our full backlog, so now's the time.


Kaocha is working brilliantly for me on the backend, but I would love to replace doo with kaocha-cljs. A working example with figwheel would do wonders.


Yeah kaocha-cljs/kaocha-cljs2 is one area that needs a lot of TLC and that we plan to get to, including docs and examples for the most common setups.


You're targeting the browser with figwheel?


We are, yes. cljs.main for prod builds. Figwheel for dev convenience.


I would love to see the midje plugin improved. We have a large number of tests written in midje, that will take a long time to migrate over, so until then, I was looking to use the kaocha midje plugin, yet all I get is WARNING: No tests were found. This may be an issue in your Kaocha test configuration. To investigate, check the :test-paths and :ns-patterns keys in tests.edn.

Christian Johansen18:09:18

I second the doo replacement! We’re currently stuck with leiningen because of doo. Something to make running kaocha-cljs from the command-line to target either real browsers or headless Firefox/Chromium in a stable manner would be very welcome.


Not kaocha, but you can use for a deps.edn doo experience.

Christian Johansen05:09:21

Cool, I'll check it out