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Hey folks, we applied for Clojurists Together funding, and today it's officially announced that that has been approved. We'll be doing some blog posts about what we're planning to do, but in the meanwhile I already want to share what we submitted to CT: > We'd like to use this budget to give some much needed attention to our testing-related tools and libraries, in particular: > • kaocha > • kaocha-cljs > • kaocha-cljs2 > • kaocha-cucumber > • deep-diff2 > • kaocha-junit-xml > • kaocha-cloverage > • facai > • faker > • chui > • funnel > • funnel-client > > Most of these have been around for a while, and have found widespread adoption in the community. They are working and stable, but most of them have not seen much attention in the last few years. Issues and maintenance tasks have piled up, and many ideas have been brought up on how to improve these tools, which we haven't had a chance to explore. All of them are in need of better and more complete documentation. > > We (Gaiwan) have funded Alys Brooks over the last 1~2 years to help with the maintainance of Lambda Island libraries, in particular Kaocha, but only for a few hours per week. Our plan with the $9k budget would be to match it, partly with funding from our Open Collective, and partly directly by Gaiwan, to get to a budget of $18k. With that money we'd fund the equivalent of a full-time developer over the course of 4 months, spread across a few different people on the Gaiwan team. > > It’s hard to say what exactly we’ll manage to accomplish in that time, but these are some of the areas we’d like to focus on: > • General upkeep > ◦ triage issues > ◦ close old/stale issues > ◦ close or revive stale PRs > ◦ prioritize remaining issues > ◦ fix CI and cljdoc builds > • Docs > ◦ revise / update / expand READMEs > ◦ expand and reorganize docs based on the 4 types of documentation > ◦ document specific usage patterns (Recipes) > ▪︎ "test system" > ▪︎ rollback db for each test > ▪︎ effective use of factories > ▪︎ CI setup > • bigger chunks > ◦ wrap up Kaocha parallelism > ◦ kaocha-cljs2 convenience layer > ▪︎ automate funnel install & launch > ▪︎ make the 80% case (shadow+browser+chui+funnel) trivial to set up > ◦ Get Facai to v1

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We'll actually be spreading the work out over 6 months, from November to April.

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