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Daniel Tan04:09:05

hows the state of cljsrn in 2022

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Shako Farhad18:09:23

It works great. I setup an app using latest react native with fabric activated. Imported node modules easily and even imported custom typescript code and used it without issue in cljs. Interop and everything works. Reanimated 3 and many other libraries work out of the box. I could probably never do RN development without cljs again. 😄

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@U0121V7FXG8 which setup did you use? I tried it with Krell on iOS today and got this:


(obviously MacOS, Apple M1, React Native 0.70.1)

Shako Farhad12:09:31

I used both Krell and Shadow-cljs. Both worked. In Krell I could not import default libraries like with Reanimated 3, but what I could do is to create a typescript file, import reanimated there and then use the normal (js/require "...") function to import the typesript file and use reanimated through that.

Shako Farhad12:09:10

I would say shadow-cljs is better with allowing you to use such libraries directly in cljs, but Krell is really lightweight and easy to get started with. And if you like to work in both typescript / jsx and cljs at the same time, then there are no restrictions.