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Staša Tovornik09:09:19

Hi there! At d.labs, we help start-ups build venture-ready products, and right now we are looking to bring on board a new Clojure developer, who loves startups and enjoys the impact they can make through building new things. :unicorn_face: Who is the client? • You’ll be working on a brand new scale-up product that raised over $50 million in funding. • The startup helps companies and teams build better communities by creating powerful tools such as analytics, automation, Community Network Manager, and much more. :thinking_face: Want to know more? • B2B collaboration, remote with occasional visits to Slovenian office in Ljubljana • Perks & opportunity I hope we talk soon!


what's the salary on that?

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Staša Tovornik15:09:22

Heya! To be honest, we don’t know yet, we are now more exploring the current expectations of each individuals we will speak with. We are aware that Clojurian population is a bit smaller though, so keeping that in mind. 😊 Sorry for not giving you a straight answer just yet, … I usually always write the salary range with the posts.

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