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Hi everyone, I use practicalli's config for spacemacs but last month after updating to the latest the auto-indentation and auto-alignment stopped working. Before that any change for instance to a let form caused spacemacs to instantly align the binding and value forms vertically. What settings do I have to change for it to get fixed? Info : • Emacs : ◦ Version : GNU Emacs 27.2 • Spacemacs : ◦ branch : develop ◦ commit 5bcedd19123248bc7a6d80994784062e524ebe05

commit 5bcedd19123248bc7a6d80994784062e524ebe05 (HEAD -> develop, origin/develop, origin/HEAD)
Author: SpacemacsBot <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat Dec 18 06:24:44 2021 +0200

    [bot] built_in_updates (#15210)
    Co-authored-by: SpacemacsBot <[email protected]>
• Practicalli's .spacemacs.d :
commit 288effd2f3c040e59fd83d28b5afd967c3649603 (HEAD -> live, origin/live, origin/HEAD)
Author: John Practicalli <[email protected]>
Date:   Sat May 15 11:38:24 2021 +0100

    lsp: doc signature and popup alignment configuration
• Changes to the Practicalli's default config :
(clojure :variables
-              ;; clojure-backend 'cider               ;; use cider and disable lsp
-              ;; clojure-enable-linters 'clj-kondo    ;; clj-kondo included in lsp
+              clojure-backend 'cider               ;; use cider and disable lsp
+              clojure-enable-linters 'clj-kondo    ;; clj-kondo included in lsp
               cider-repl-display-help-banner nil      ;; disable help banner
               cider-pprint-fn 'fipp                   ;; fast pretty printing
-              clojure-indent-style 'align-arguments
               clojure-align-forms-automatically t
+              clojure-indent-style 'align-arguments
               clojure-toplevel-inside-comment-form t  ;; evaluate expressions in comment as top level
+              clojure-enable-clj-refactor t
               cider-result-overlay-position 'at-point ;; results shown right after expression
               cider-overlays-use-font-lock t
               cider-repl-buffer-size-limit 100        ;; limit lines shown in REPL buffer
Thanks a lot for you help


I changed that behaviour a while ago, as it clashed really badly with LSP. If you are not using LSP, or have disabled the auto-formatting of LSP, then uncomment the hook that is in the dotspacemacs/user-config section

;; Auto-indent code automatically
  ;; (add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook #'aggressive-indent-mode)
It's on line 1046


If you do use LSP to auto-format, then SPC = l will do some of the aligning, although it's not quite as good.