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Hi, I finally switched to cursive completely because of emacs pinky 🙂. One piece of functionality I can't seem to find is the inspection of vars that i use a lot in cider. Is there a way in cursive to browse the data in vars in the repl, so without having to set a breakpoint somewhere.


There isn’t but it’s something I’m planning to add very soon, similar to the new REPL diff functionality.

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great, thanks!


You mean, besides evaluating the var in the repl?


I mean browsing the referenced data. I'm always working with very large data structures, so just printing it is not useful. cider gives you a "browser" to iteratively explore the data structure, navigating into the nested parts


i think vlaaad.reveal is supposed to offer the same, but i just spent a few hours to try and make it work with my old leiningen project, without much success


I was hoping to get the intellij debugger to explore data for the vars in the repl, really...

R.A. Porter18:12:22

You might want to look at Portal as well. It's pretty trivial to get hooked into a project and the beta of the IJ plugin works okay.

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Cool, thanks, portal looks exactly like what I'm looking for!


+1 on this. Portal inside of Cursive/IntelliJ is freaking amazing.