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I put some java code in a project ( to see how Calva behaves with it. Expecting that I should be able to navigate to the source since it is in the same project. But the info response seems to lack the path (and no navigation happens). Here’s the relevant (I think) negotiation. Are my expectations wrong or is something else wrong? nrepl 0.9.0, cider-nrepl 0.27.4.

-> sent
  op: 'info',
  ns: '',
  symbol: 'HelloWorld/FOO',
  id: '17',
  session: '9ce19606-3d66-4c9d-9768-bbfc8688a841'

<- received
  'arglists-str': 'nil',
  class: 'pez.HelloWorld',
  id: '17',
  javadoc: 'pez/HelloWorld.html#FOO',
  member: 'FOO',
  modifiers: '#{:public :static}',
  session: '9ce19606-3d66-4c9d-9768-bbfc8688a841',
  status: [ 'done' ],
  type: 'java.lang.String'


If the path is missing then most likely the Java sources are not on Clojure's classpath.


The java sources are in the project, and the deps.edn is configured with :paths to find them.


(If by Java sources, you mean the source code for pez.HelloWorld.)