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Hi, I created a simple blog with Luminus (SPA) but initial loading for app.js is slow. I created the project with the following command

lein new luminus blog +reitit +postgres +reagent +auth
dependencies are in the snippet. Slow like a couple of seconds I got the cljs library loaded and did the first DOM rendered. In local I get ~210ms. but on 5$ droplet on digital ocean this became a couple of seconds. 1GB CPU in not enough for cljs+sci? Or I missed some code optimization with shadowcljs?


@eliascotto94 if you did everything correctly then CLJS shouldn't even run on the server at all. you just have the .js file thats served as a simple static file. if you are actually compiling on the server then that will be rather slow yes.


Yes the /cljsbuild directory is there with app.js and /cljs-runtime so is compiled. It’s served by ring-undertow I think. So where I should look?


(defn home-page [request]
  (layout/render request "home.html"))

(defn home-routes []
   {:middleware [middleware/wrap-csrf
   ["/" {:get home-page}]])
and home.html contains
{% script "/js/app.js" %}


first of all you should be doing a release build for the JS. normally shadow-cljs release app. that would produce only a single file and no cljs-runtime dir


but it might not be related to CLJS at all and rather the droplet thing just starting the java server on demand


if thats not running continously then the startup will take a while

Dane Filipczak16:12:21

I have a protocol I want to extend onto all vectors. In clj, I'm extending onto clojure.lang.IPersistentVector. What's the proper type to extend onto in cljs? I see both cljs.core/IVector and cljs.core/PersistentVector but I'm not sure how to evaluate which is correct.

Sam Ritchie16:12:12

It's the latter

Sam Ritchie16:12:41

In cljs you can't extend protocols to other protocols - the latter is the concrete type though so that will do it!

Sam Ritchie16:12:31

In this namespace I do a similar thing as what you're asking for maps, sequences and vectors, and these were all the parallels I could find.

Sam Ritchie16:12:11

This is relevant too if you want your function to work for type that has implemented the vector protocol, not just the clojure provided type:

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Dane Filipczak17:12:18

thank you for the thorough information

anders kitson23:12:37

I am trying to use npm xstyled package in a shadow cljs project. I required the package and xstyled has this import style

import { x } from '@xstyled/styled-components' 
I did this in cljs
["@xstyled/styled-components" :refer [x]]
xstyled says you access the components in dot notation like x.div This did not work in cljs
[:> x.div ]
However I am using the PreFlight import for base styles from xstyled working fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Log x and see what it contains. Probably the :require should be changed.


If you don't see anything useful if the log output, replace :refer [x] with :as x and check again.

anders kitson23:12:05

kk will try that thanks

anders kitson23:12:50

I get a bunch of this not quite sure what to make of it

#js {:a #js {$$typeof #object[Symbol(react.forward_ref)], :render #object[forwardRef], :attrs #js [],

anders kitson01:01:50

Got it it's :refer [x.div]

Drew Verlee02:01:48

@U02SFPVCRRS thats suprising i would have expected it to be import { export } from "module-name"; to (:require ["module-name" :refer (export)]) As per


this just isn't valid interop. :refer [x] gives you a local reference named x. x.div is not valid. (.-div x) or (. x -div) would be the proper way to get it. :refer [x.div] is totally invalid and maybe just happens to work by accident (could be considered a bug)

anders kitson04:01:44

interesting very new to clojure and clojurescript so would i report this as a bug to shadow cljs? or at least get clarification there?


I'm the shadow-cljs author so you can talk to me here πŸ˜‰

anders kitson13:01:07

I'm not entirely sure what you are suggesting. Do I write something like this in hiccup [:> . x -div] or does that go in the require? I want to do it the right way so it doesn't break later on. I have tried just [x] in the require with the previous pattern in hiccup is that where you are suggesting the change in the require I Just got confused by the () parens then seeming that pattern should go in the function but doesn't seem to work for me?


What x.div is in JavaScript becomes (.-div x) in ClojureScript. So you'd use [:> (.-div x)]. In some cases, the a.b form works but I guess it works only when there's js/ in front, like in js/console.log - you can just write (js/console.log "something") instead of (.log js/console "something") (no dash because it's function call and not a property access).


And you can write [div] instead of [:> (.-div x)] if you do (def div (reagent/adapt-react-class (.-div x))).

anders kitson13:01:39

ok thanks, should work now. Still getting used to this syntax, thanks for the help

anders kitson13:01:11

Worked just great thx πŸŽ‰

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