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simongray11:12:46 is a small CLJC library for converting between different styles of the Pinyin romanization system used for Standard Chinese. Unless you are interested in the Chinese language or need to implement e.g. search using romanized Chinese, you probably won’t care about this ;-)

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Good stuff! I once wrote a library like this in Ruby, might have been my first open source project


This was actually also my first Clojure thing, then it got entangled into a big (now offline) dictionary app, and now it’s been put into this library.


Corgi v1.0 is out, a lightweight Emacs config for the Clojure developer, with vim-style modal editing and Spacemacs-style leader key bindings

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Looking through the user manual, as I'm currently a spacemacs user but have ambitions to go lighter-weight, and will provide a bit of feedback on what I read if that'll be useful. Context: spacemacs is the only emacs I've used; I've been using it for a few years and have lots of customization, but there are big swaths of emacs knowledge that I don't have yet -- I've just picked stuff up as I needed it rather than really diving deep at any point. > If you don’t like what any of them is doing, then copy the relevant package over to your personal config and customize it from there. > This seems kind of vague to me unless it's spelled out in more detail elsewhere. Do you mean copying the code inside the package to my own init file? Or do you mean importing the package but somehow providing configuration options?


Everything else in the user manual seemed totally clear! Possibly other feedback when / if I actually install it. Thanks for making it!


Literally copy the code into your config and tweak from there

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This looks really useful. I tend to use vanilla emacs key bindings but as you say maybe I should try to reduce RSI by going modal in 2022.


Sweet! Looks like a valuable contrib to the landscape - we definitely need less monolithic configs that can be understood better

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oxalorg (Mitesh)11:01:04

I've been using Corgi for the better part of a year now and I love it. My corgi dotfiles can be found here if someone is interested:


Nice @U013MQC5YKD, note that we now standardize on user-keys.el and user-signals.el, so if you use those file names Corkey will pick them up automatically. We now also watch these files for changes, so they reload automatically.

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but you have to use corkey/load-and-watch instead of corkey/install-bindings

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ring-bell-function 'ignore is now part of corgi-defaults

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