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#obb: Ad-hoc ClojureScript scripting of Mac applications via Apple's Open Scripting Architecture. Demo: By @zane and yours truly.

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brcosta13:01:19 v0.3.0 has been released! clojure-extras is an Intellij plugin to add custom features such as inline evaluation, custom syntax highlighting and linting. In this latest version we added full clj-kondo integration, check it out!

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Maybe good to add: this is a plugin which runs in addition to Cursive (and depends on Cursive) and does not replace or conflict with it!

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Cora (she/her)20:01:35

is there any documentation on how to use this plugin?


@U02N27RK69K Right now there is only one option: And if you are connected to a REPL, you get some option to inline evaluate something

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but I agree some docs would be nice :)


Good point, I will work on some docs! For now clj-kondo integration is almost zero-conf and to inline evaluate expressions you can use the actions on Tools menu (you can setup keyboard shortcuts in the keymap sections on Preferences). Also, there is a Clojure Extras section on Color Scheme to change custom highlighting.


Released 1.0.0-alpha5 of statecharts: which has some new helpers for testing, and a few bug fixes.

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Released 1.1.0-RC15 of fulcro-rad which adds load-options to reports to enable things like incremental row detail loading.

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I just released version 2.014. I had a blast to build a Java API into the library (comes with the jar). Also it includes a fastpath for repeatedly calling a python function - Go tell all your Java friends that the fastest, most robust, and most featureful python integration available for the JVM now has Java bindings so they can use it without knowing a lick of Clojure. P.S. - that issue has a lot of interesting information in it and it gets better near the end :-).

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Thanks :-)!!


great work!

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