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Drew Verlee20:12:35

How often are you web devs out there updating your personal computers? I have a 5 year old high end PC: 500gb SSD, 32GB ram DDR4 2400, ASUS z170i pro gaming mother board. I cant imagine how things could be better but i don't track hardware changes that much. My only regret is that i didn't buy two of the most expensive monitors i could find as my secondary 4k monitor isn't as good as the primary one i got. In fact, monitor space and quality is the only thing i can see improving. E.g i can power 2 4k monitors, but the 3rd (terrible) monitor i attach always has issues. I'm not sure if the issue is hardware or ubuntu. but it's not worth my time to debug so i rarely use it.


My home setup is split. I have a relatively underpowered laptop at my desk with some monitors, and a half rack in the utility room. The half rack has various bits of networking gear, and includes 2 vm hosts (old one is entirely decommissioned yet). The vm hosts are both refurbished "enterprise" servers, funnily the old and the new are about the same vintage. The biggest pain going refurbished is the enterprise bioses are so complicated. And I didn't realize my half rack is both short in height and depth, so proper rack mount servers are a little too deep for it.


Both sides I avoid refreshing as much as possible. The older vmhost I've had for maybe 5 years, the new host is maybe a year or less old now


The main push to upgrade there was wanting more ram(new host has around 100gb)


My last laptop was purchased in late 2016, and my current laptop was purchased in early 2020, again I wanted more ram, and moving to a single usb-c for power and docking was great too


The new vmhost has a bunch of spinning rust disks setup in the raid controller as a single 1tb disk, and I've had a 1tb ssd to replace them all, but I've been putting it off for months to avoid tangling with the raid controller

Drew Verlee22:12:45

thanks for sharing. It's interesting to me that it's very common for there to be a huge range in ram usage between devs. From 8gb on a labtop to 100gb. I feel like my emacs setup is occasional used 100% of my cpu regardless...


Looking for a new laptop now. Seems some things have changed, but mostly more cores. Not sure I want to switch to desktop, occasionally having a portible device is useful.


I usually change computers every 5 to 7 years. In fact, I just changed now, but I currently use only notebooks - the mobility is awesome, even considering that they are way more expensive


My last two laptops have been different iterations of the xps 13, which I think is pretty close to the perfect size. Those are both mine, previously I had work provided macbooks. I set a Chromebook up with Linux and was way happier with it than the MacBook which is why I got the first xps 13. I've got a Dell 27" monitor which was way to expensive when I bought it, but now I've had it for close to a decade. I've also got an Asus 23" screen, which was kind of an impluse buy, they are so cheap


My understanding is that speed of desktops has not really changed must in the last few years. Other aspects have changed, perhaps power consumption the most important, but single core performance i thought has been rather steady for a bit?

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