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Hello folks, I upgraded emacs to 27.2, and my ‘*’ and ‘#’ buttons (to go to next appearance of word under cursor) stopped working, showing: Symbol’s function definition is void: spacemacs/symbol-highlight-transient-body


any idea what might cause this?


I’m kinda used to using VIM commands # and * ..


Upgraded from what version of Emacs? Another 27.x version or 26.x Did you upgrade packages / Spacemacs /dotfile from template?


27.1 to 27.2


basically removed emacs completely, and reinstalled, using brew cask


it kind of works well in all other regards


should I do something to spacemacs too?


My guess is that the Emacs packages updated and maybe something changes in their API. Or the packages need to be complied ) although I thought that was just for major Emacs versions). Simple things to try in no particular order 1) SPC f e D to check nothing is missing from the Spacemacs template 2) SPC f e U to update Emacs packages, maybe there was a temporary bug 3) remove the . emacs.d/elpa directory (or delete specific .elc files) and restart Emacs 4) Update Spacemacs Some other trouble shooting suggestions here


Thx, will go through these!

Drew Verlee19:08:55

how would i go about adding something to my emac exec-path or checking what's on it? I need to put node there as per these instructions:

Drew Verlee19:08:40

though i just realized i have been selecting shadow not node as my repl choice

Drew Verlee19:08:51

which is likely the real issue

Drew Verlee19:08:19

well my node connection failed to

Drew Verlee19:08:42

and now it worked

Drew Verlee19:08:46

thanks universe


SPC f e e to view or edit environment variables.

👍 3

A REPL restart is required to pick up new env vars or changes

Drew Verlee19:08:31

Do you think i would just be adding node to my PATH then?

Drew Verlee19:08:50

or do i need to add a EXEC-PATH variable?

Drew Verlee19:08:25

err don't worry about it. i think i'm barking up the wrong tree.


Can you run node -v in an Emacs shell?

Drew Verlee20:08:46

yep. thats a good sign

Drew Verlee20:08:01

is there a gobal dir-locals file by any chance?


Not that I am aware of.


But there is an alternative per directory file, dir-locals-2.el, but I suspect that's not helpful


I assume you could have a dir-locals.el file in the root of your user directory, but any dir-locals.el file in any sub-directory would be used instead.

Drew Verlee21:08:34

Thanks. The offending configuration problem was coming form my emacs-custom-settings what ever that does.

Drew Verlee21:08:30

i mean its clear what it does, i have no idea how i it got updated to contain that configuration such that it stuck around.

Drew Verlee21:08:09

i just removed it because it seems to be auto generated.