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quantisan06:08:20 v0.7.0 is out. Use it to coordinate asynchronous, distributed processes with AWS Step Functions managing state, branching, and retries. New feature for v0.7.0: adds support for large payloads (beyond AWS Step Functions limit) by offloading large messages to S3

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clj-kondo Announcing a leiningen plugin to run clj-kondo in your project The main difference between running clj-kondo as a deps with run -m is that it's possible to pass a --lint $classpath where the plugin will replace with the leiningen classpath of the project 🙂 For more information check the or ask in #clj-kondo

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The first version of the Getting Started with Clojure - Zero install is just released. It is a take on the beginner experienced inspired by some of the feedback in the What do beginners struggle with? thread over at ClojureVerse. What if we focus first on the language and on getting a feel for the mode of programming Clojure offers? If we can get devs hooked on that, hopefully they are then ready to go through some loops and hoops to set up their own machines with it and get cracking with projects. I’ve been at this for several days now and am getting a bit blind. I know there are holes in the plot, but where? Please give it a spin and give me feedback. Not sure where, but if you think your feedback fits in #calva, post it there, otherwise replies to this thread works for me.

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The setup is that ^ this ^ article gives some “what to expect?” info and has a button that spins up VS Code and Calva in your browser. VS Code automatically shows you instructions on how to fire up the Getting Started REPL, and that then starts the guides. These are really just REPL powered Clojure files.


Gitpods seem very much like the recently-out-of-beta codespaces on GitHub itself, very cool that this type of stuff is possible now


I also think it is like codespaces. Haven’t checked it out closely enough to know how similar or how different, though.


Another possibly useful resource would be a project I'm working on to help new users better understand error messages (still in alpha/beta, but it is usable)

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Indeed, @U1C03090C. I’ve been wanting to experiment with how to integrate that in Calva since it was first announced.


@U0ETXRFEW let me know if you would like help with that, I’m going to have a bit more bandwidth for Clem starting next week


Awesome. I hope to have time!


that’s pretty awesome, I’m trying to setup a similar environment using github codespace, but I can’t install the calva extension on their embedded vs code, it shows me this error documentation that’s strange :thinking_face:


@U0CL38MU1 I think we would need to enable it in the extension manifest. But also, I haven’t quite gotten around to figuring out if Calva even can run in Codespaces. I’m not sure how similar to Gitpod it is, but it seems that the web based VS Code is a bit limited whereas Gitpod Code is very similar to the full VS Code. The VS Code team isn’t quite ready with the API:s and guidelines either, so maybe it will clear up soon.


Ok I didn’t know about the extension manifest, yes codespace is very recent, it misses some documentation... I’ll try to ask them through their support


(I’ve found this vs code documentation page about remote development and codespaces


Please file an issue about it on the Calva repository about this. If there isn’t one already, but I think there isn’t.

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