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Good Morning!


Morning! It’s already Day 4 of my beginners week. Time flies! I’m at where I am both expanding and folding. 😃 I have a pretty good idea about what my Get Started with Clojure article should be like now. Earlier UGTs about this mini-project here:

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@pez Here’s a wee bit of feedback that you should feel very free to ignore, but possibly also be able to guide me in the right direction: My daughter (11) has done some scratch coding, but wanted to learn “real” coding, ie coding that is not block based. So I found where I let her loose on the javascript beginners course (yes I know, but whatever). When I did the same with my oldest son (14) I was really wanting to do this through Calva to check out your beginners tutorial so he could learn real coding, but we were at our cabin with not so fast internet, so downloading VSCode + Calva took too much time, so he also got started on the codecademy javascript beginners course. Now, with your gitpod Rich4Clojure thingy, I thought that might be an option, but when Una and I looked at it yesterday, I found the exercises quite a bit too difficult. So, maybe I’m suggesting that we could add like some really (beginner programmer) easy exercises to Rich4Clojure?

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Thanks! Maybe we should consider a repository aimed at learning to code, using Clojure? With the same zero-install setup as Rich 4Clojure.


Has Una tried the welcome_to_clojure.clj guide in the Getting Started REPL, btw? It has the focus of learning Clojure, so not quite what she seems to be after, I’m merely checking.


No she has not. We might just try that now that we’re at home and can install things on her computer.


I think it would be interesting with a learning to code using clojure. I think I’d be interested in submitting exercises if there was some infrastructure in place.


The Getting Started REPL can be run from that Rich 4Clojure workspace in the cloud, FYI.


I think I can reasonably easy set some infrastructure up for this. I have created pieces of the puzzle for quite a while now. Time to assemble’em. 😃


Have you looked at


That teaches clojure, online, via very simple little shape drawing stuff


cool! I will have a look


It's a resource used during ClojureBridge.


I’m also impressed by how @U446AB17F have utilized Klipse and his teaching skills to create stuff like this:


You are too kind Peter 😄 my memory is terrible but I think it was more an effort directed at my own learning than teaching. And perhaps even more than that, it was just fun! 😄


This seems very relevant to the OP.


Hey @plexus you helped me solve a problem today! For a while now, I was having a problem with my repl, launched on the command line (and using rebel readline for input)! It was acting wierdly - sometimes the prompt would just screw up and skip lines as I typed etc.., I read your blog about the three types of clojure and you gave me a clue, I forgot that by doing clj -M...., then rlwrap is being used, which seems to get in the way of rebel-readline (I suppose it and rebel-readline are in competition about who controls the prompt). Changing the start invocation to be clojure -M....., has solved my problem! No more screwy prompts!

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Life is very interesting when you run 2 readline tools at the same time. The rlwrap readline is very basic, so I rarely use the clj wrapper script, only the clojure binary This is why I use clojure for the practicalli/clojure-deps-edn is documentation


Yup! It's a good gotcha! 🙂


Since reminding myself to use clojure ... all is well in the harriverse! 🙂


nice! glad we could be of service 🙂 @U01FJUDL57C wrote that post though, so you should really thank her!