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Hello everyone, I have a few days off work, so am doing some brain dumps on things to work on next I'm adding more content structure to the book, although I realise now I should name it Clojure data's science. It's extremely alpha at the moment, but I have a fairly clear idea on my head as to what it should look like. Basically I'd like to write guides using the common Clojure design approaches and then build on that to show the optimised way that many data science libraries work with data. There is a lot of mathematics behind these data science approaches, but the book will assume nothing (except basic arithmetic) and explain the essential math as simply as possible (with lots of examples.


Other work will be more REPL driven development workflow and tools, editor features and libraries that support that flow.


And I've learned a lot about Reitit, mulog and Auth0 after deploying a system into production. So have lots more of that to share.


If I am lucky enough to get some funding from Clojurists together, then I will take some more time off work and get things done sooner. But it will all published eventually 🐱


You do amazing work. I’m not sure “off work” means what you think it does though 😉😛


I do like to keep busy :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: