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Ben Sless14:08:45

Is it possible to add my own terminator to the core.async terminators?


what "terminator" are you referring to?

Ben Sless05:08:45

Like alts! inside go blocks

Ben Sless05:08:47



impl really means impl


having written a bunch of that code back in the day, I can't in good conscience suggest anyone extend it


the terminator notion is from LLVM, meaning the final instruction in a basic block

Ben Sless10:08:26

I know impl means what it says on the tin. I'm missing something slightly lower level.

Ben Sless10:08:43

The root of the problem is that the limit for takes and puts leaks a lot

Ben Sless10:08:15

So if for example I want to create a pipeline element similar to pipeline-async which does not maintain order I have to take lots of care to not create a situation where I have a bunch of puts/takes on one channel