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does anyone have a list of name and project for the clojurists together voting?

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the list is just names without an associated project so its unfortunately a popularity contest rather than a project contest 😕


Where did you find that list?


that's the actual survey they sent out


you order the names according to your preferences. This was the initial state of the list so no preference expressed here. Just not sure how i would know which projects these are


I agree this could use some refining. A link or blurb would be super useful. Separate from that, that ranked choice UI isn't the best. I remember the one they used for the new board member(I think that's what it was) was a lot easier to use. But yeah I messed with it for a minute on mobile, realized the end game would just be somewhat randomly arranging the 10+ names I recognize, and then giving up


Yeah, I was really expecting that people would see the project, not only the maintainer, what happens for projects with multiple maintainers?


Like I sort of want to support everyone I recognize. But then there's a nagging feeling that the not immediately recognizable people might be deserving of it to. But then the list is kind of too big to google everyone, and even just ranking them all after seems pretty hard and/or arbitrary. I remember seeing chatter about ranked choice vs approve/disapprove voting during a recent election and not having much of an opinion on either, but this really made think that maybe approve/disapprove might be better for this?

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> I was really expecting that people would see the project I think they're trying something new where it's just supporting the people, not particular projects, for a longer term and with less money (1 year at $1500/month)


yeah. and it also locks in choices for a year. it's not even a quarter so it ends "quickly"


maybe we should mention someone from CT and listen to their opinion?


> I think they're trying something new where it's just supporting the people, not particular projects, for a longer term and with less money (1 year at $1500/month) I see, that makes sense so


Thank you for the detailed post @U051KLSJF!


Ya, it was still pretty good. There are some less popular people that contribute to important fundamental libs that more popular people and their lib builds on, but honestly whoever gets chosen I think the whole initiative is just very cool


Hi! Starting a new remote job imminently. Tips for working remotely with a squad of 20ish people? =]


Mute #random :D

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Break the squad into 4 squads would be a good start I think.

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I now worked in 4 teams fully remote, so I'm not that experienced. But as soon as there are more than about 6 people in a team, thinks get annoying fast with meetings. There are several ways to give each a turn at standups for example. But with 10 people the task of keeping track who already had its turn alone is hard. Also trying to keep track what's changing can be dounting. There are some big differences with on-site, where you can better see when someone is about to talk, so you have less interruptions. Also it's easier to pair, and share small things drinking coffee / walking to the coffee machine.


Hey folks, I’m going to send out another Clojurists Together email/blog post with more info on each of the people on the ballot to help you make your vote. One other thing, this is not the only funding that we’ll be doing this round, there will also be our regular grants happening at the same time. The voting system we used for board member voting (, changed their rules and now require opt-in before they will send survey emails, so each Clojurists Together member would need to opt-in to CIVS before they could vote. They changed it right around the time we were doing board member voting and it was very messy even doing a handful of people, it would be very difficult for 200+ members.

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Awesome. That will definitely help making sure that I can vote for the most interesting projects that i think would benefit from the funding, rather than just names i recognize

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