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@tcrawley Thanks for making the group com.github.clj-kondo. I'm trying to make a deploy token for it, but it doesn't appear in my list


how should I go about this for a new lib in this group?


My pleasure! Unfortunately, groups don't show in the token list until they have a library deployed - I need to fix that. The workaround is to deploy the first version with a more general token, then create the new token once the library is deployed. Sorry about that.


I tried deploying with my general personal token, but got: > Could not transfer artifact com.github.clj-kondo:lein-clj-kondo:pom:0.1.0 from/to clojars ( Failed to transfer file: Return code is: 401, ReasonPhrase: Unauthorized - a deploy token is required to deploy (see


Hmm, you should only get that if you try to deploy with a password instead of a token


so I should make a token that allows to deploy to all my projects?


Yes, but you can then disable that token after you use it once. A hack, I know


My pleasure! I just created, and will try to get to it soon