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Warning about upgrading to latest Spacemacs develop. Someone has added Clojure lsp support and made it the default if you use lsp layer. Not sure what happens if you do not have the lsp server binary on the path... So you may experience a significant difference and lack of performance to Clojure development, especially if running lsp and CIDER together without customising lsp to avoid conflicts. Adding the following to .spacemacs should ensure that CIDER is used regardless of other layers you are using. Then you can choose when you want to start learning how to use clojure-lsp.

clojure :variables 
        clojure-backend 'cider
Unfortunately this setting was not clearly documented in the Clojure layer docs, so I'll try find time for a PR to fix this. The change was made 24 days ago and details are here

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If you do have time to spare to look at lsp - and it will take some time as there are conflicting UI aspects when running both CIDER and lsp - take a look at the documentation There will be a guide as some point for using Cider and LSP together, but if time is precious I recommend waiting until that is done. If you do try and have a successful setup, I am sure we would all be interested to hear about it. Thanks.


Watching this issue might be a way to keep track of documentation for Clojure and clojure-lsp


I've updated my Spacemacs configuration with the cider default back-end, so even if you have lsp installed you can choose when to use it by updating the config to explicitly use lsp.

John Oerter20:12:00

Thanks @jr0cket. I'm a new spacemacs user. Does this affect the common-lisp and emacs-lisp layers?


The specific change I mention only affects Clojure as it's a specific change to that layer.


If you don't include the lsp layer it won't affect them. Check the layer documentation for each language. Usually lsp has to be specifically enabled in a language layer, but this is not guaranteed in the way LSP was added to Clojure

John Oerter20:12:35

Okay, thanks! Emacs and spacemacs has been a fun adventure for me so far