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Hello everyone, I just recently joined the clojurian slack group


I would love to learn from everyone here! I'm planning on developing a mobile app. I could just work with JavaScript and React Native, but I want to try ClojureScript with React Native. Does anyone here have any experience developing mobile app with ClojureScript and React Native, either through work or personal project? I would love to know what framework I should use. I've been doing research but seems like re-natal is no longer maintained and krell is too early in development with not that much documentation? [8:33 AM] Any advices/help would be greatly appreciated!


From what I’ve seen, shadow-cljs approach is the most popular solution for apps in production. Krell is also an option. re-natal was good back in the day for reasons, but it’s no longer useful with the latest react-native stable.

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Oliver George01:12:06

It’s worth noting that fig wheel is viable as well.


Thank you so much for your advices! I will be checking out shadow-cljs, Krell, as well as fig wheel and see which one I like the best!

Michaël Salihi14:12:53

@tuananh.le Yes and in addition to the channel, you can check this website/page There have been 2 very good videos recently added in the "Talks & Videos" section. This one is a good overview with the Cljsrn stack:;


Thanks @UFBL6R4P3 for the resources! I will check these out. I appreciate it!

Michaël Salihi14:12:16

A good stack with Shadow-CLJS (builder): • Bare React-Native: :

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