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@steven427 nice solution I like it 🙂

Steven Deobald23:12:58

If I want to generate a bunch of (very repetitive) routes in reitit, am I stuck with writing a macro? The function I’ve written complains when I compile my namespace which declares my routes:

:cause "No implementation of method: :expand of protocol: #'reitit.core/Expand found for class: clojure.lang.Symbol"

Dave Russell09:12:11

I think this error would happen if you're trying to pass a symbol as the first thing after a route declaration

Dave Russell09:12:42

Not sure exactly what you're trying to do, but the answer is probably "no" you don't need a macro :)

Dave Russell09:12:01

Just create all your routes as data, building them up into one big vector of routes and sticking that into whatever router you want

Steven Deobald18:12:31

After hitting a wall with this yesterday I finally came back in the evening and took a stab at a macro; it worked. I’m generating a lot of the kw/fn names, so it might be more delayed evaluation than it’s worth trying to do in a function. The only consumer of this macro will be the call to reitit.ring/routes, so it doesn’t feel too bad and the macro itself is simple enough that I (probably?) won’t shoot myself in the foot. 🙂