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when I start running tests with Kaocha in the repl


it's quite hard to kill the process if it takes too long for some reasons


mmm might be our signal handlers. We want to still print out a result summary before exiting when someone presses ctrl-C


mm if you run it from the terminal and you send a SIGKILL it would just quits straight away


but if I do it from Emacs it doesn't, so I guess it doesn't handle the signal coming from the repl in the same way as a SIGKILL


in a way blocking the repl is worse than blocking a terminal since you close that easily, but restarting a repl can be a pain


so I just noticed in that kaocha-cljs would not work with advanced compilation


I don't see it in the known issues though on


should it be in the README maybe?

Alys Brooks19:12:47

I think that would be good to document, yes.

Alys Brooks19:12:26

Would you have the time/interest to make an issue for it?

Alys Brooks19:12:02

I'm working on adding .gitignore support to --watch (issue I'm wondering if there are other ignore files with use Git syntax people would like to see Kaocha use. (Mercurial's syntax is probably not close enough.) It's also currently opt-in, to avoid surprises.


I wonder if .projectile for Emacs is a useful addition here. I believe the syntax is similar

Alys Brooks21:12:17

It looks like it uses a somewhat different format, too, but maybe that could be a later addition?