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Hi guys, by any chance does anyone run emacs with EXWM and CIDER and use Zoom for screen sharing? I'm not sure if the issue lies with my hardware or with EXWM but the resulting set up ends up with a lot of latency such that in that sense screen sharing properly is impossible. Any thoughts about it?


I use exwm, cider and zoom.. But for me zoom takes 100% CPU even without sharing, so as soon as I start zoom I basically can't do much anyway 😞 jitsi, google meet etc all works fine. I read reports that other people complained about the zoom client as well (especially under linux)


I don't use EXWM, use BSPWM with NixOS and it works really nice without any issues.


@zackteo for latency in the user interface it's probably the compositing manager used. EXWM supports several, so try using a different one of see if there are settings to tweak. I had the same thing with a different tiling window manager and I switched off the compositor and it ran very smoothly.

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Question to the Spacemacs users in here: how do I disable the Clojure layer from using clojure-lsp? It's an annoying memory hog for me


@zilti The Spacemcs Clojure layer does not include any configuration for clojure-lsp, so you cant disable it in the Clojure layer. I assume you have the Spacemacs lsp layer installed and clojure-lsp binary, and some configuration in your .spacemacs file (probably in dotspacemacs/user-config) that configures clojure-lsp to run when in clojure-mode.


Remove the lsp layer from .spacemacs and restart Emacs, this should be the quickest way to remove it. I would need to see your .spacemacs config to help further


I need lsp-mode for other things, so I want to keep the lsp layer


Thats very bad if someone just added it without telling people. Its also using quite negative tone against the well established CIDER approach. I will investigate and raise this with the Spacemacs maintainers...


Especially having it enabled by default. All other languages I use require you to set a variable to enable it


Yes, this is really badly though through. It forces anyone who does not want lsp for clojure to add another vairable to their .spacemacs layer config. I believe this should switch it off..

clojure :variables 
        clojure-backend 'cider


Thanks for raising this. Using clojure-lsp would kill my startup times, turning a few seconds into several minutes whilst clojure-lsp goes and re-indexes all the project where I have a clojure buffer open....


Sure. And thank you for the off switch 🙂 it works.


Yes, they didnt even bother documenting how to switch it off properly either... I would be interested in using clojure-lsp but is very heavyweight around the UI and I found a lot of clashes with CIDER when I ran them both together earlier in the year. I also need to tell it to not index all my projects on Emacs startup, otherwise its there for minutes each time... clojure-lsp doesnt seem to work with Java 11 unless you compile it yourself, so some more work there. I would like to see some documentation that explains how to configure clojure-lsp before I try it again.


It's in my backlog adding a tutorial using CIDER with clojure-lsp 😅


But I agree, it's missing docs explaining how to use both, after some tweaks they work together and work really nice


Looking forward to this, as I can see the potential. Thank you.

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Any of you tried the gcc branch already?


thanks for the link!

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I’ve tried with spacemacs - looks good so far

Carmine Casciato09:12:57

it's pretty snappy. No major issues so far.

Ben Sless14:12:29

Anyone here successfully compiled it on ubuntu 20?

Eamonn Sullivan13:12:01

I've been using the native-comp version from the snap store: sudo snap install emacs --edge --classic. It's working well for me, but updates frequently and everything has to be recompiled each time. That used to be more of a pain, but seems to happen automatically now.

Carmine Casciato18:12:30

didn't know there was a snap for that, seems handy


is there an easy way to do so from brew? On my older linux box i compiled from source but now on my newer mac i just pull from brew


I use NixOS so this is the canonical way, but MacOS users can use nix too 😅