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In spacemacs navigation on namespaced keywords is not working for me, SPC m g g does not take me to the definition of a ns keyword. How do I get it working ?


CIDER roadmap suggests socket repl is not supported From my own limited undertanding, Socket repl is a very simple streaming protocol and Cider uses nREPL client-server with a specific message protocol. They are both using standard 'network' protocols underneath, so can connect, but they don't understand how to talk to each other. See articles by Oliver Caldwell if you want to know more about Socket repl (there are several articles from 2019) As far as I know, only Chlorine (Atom editor) supports socket repl. Oh and now Clover which is a port of Chlorine to VScode. I've seen a few projects for Emacs and Socket repl, usually with unrepl. No idea if they work or what limitations they have.


If you do find something that works, I would be interested to hear about the experience it provides. Thanks


Cool thanks! I was trying reveal once again in emacs.


I'll have to use vscode or cursive then 😞 In those editors I struggle a bit with vim and parens


I have parens under control with vim and spacemacs


@murtaza52 Hmm, I am assuming you are refering to keywords defined as Clojure specs, as keywords themselves are their own definition I havent found any CIDER commands that will jump to the location of spec definition, given a spec name. SPC m g s runs cider-browse-spec and shows the spec details, but does not jump to the location in the code where its defined. This command simply looks at the spec registry.


@murtaza52 @jr0cket cider-find-keyword used to work for me to jump to a keyword in another namespace - I used it to jump to a spec definition quickly. But it got broken a long time ago - I'm not sure when....


Anyone had problems with yasnippet disabling smartparens mode and not re enabling it?


@shan I havent noticed that issue. smartparens mode is restored for me once I've cleared any tab stops from within yasnippet. (Spacemacs develop - updated a few weeks ago)


hmm, I'm on develop and updated it today. Also updated my packages. I think it might be due to using Using yas-hippie-try-expand


There does seem to be some stuff that should be re-activating smartparens here:


@jr0cket Can you check the *Messages* buffer after you use yasnippet and see if you have

Using yas-hippie-try-expand
Maybe I'm not exiting out of yasnippet correctly


I dont see that command in the *Messages* buffer. I do get this though [yas] Committing snippets. Action would destroy a protection overlay. [2 times]


My guess would be a change in the yassnippet package - there have been a few small changes it seems

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