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Does anyone else notice that Emacs hangs when using Spacemacs? Since I moved my emacs config to Spacemacs, I find that, quite often, the whole of Emacs will hang and become so unresponsive that I have to kill it. I’ve never experienced anything like this with Emacs before but am a bit of a noob when it comes to debugging Emacs problems so have no idea where to start. I’m on Emacs version 27.1 (9.0) from and the Spacemacs develop branch (commit ab52131d9 if anyone’s interested).


No, absolutely not. No such problems here (but Linux, not Mac).


I was having the problem. mostly when my memory got used up. now I dont know if its connected, but lately I have been using practicalli's spacemacs config, and it has been a much more smoother experience. so lately no hangups, I think its a combination of the spacemacs config, and also much less resources being consumed.


Does emacs do anything special with memory (like does it have a maximum heap size like the JVM or anything weird like that)? I’ve got 16 gig in this laptop and I’m not expecting to be low on total available memory.


Anyhoo I guess I can give Practicalli’s config a go at some point and see if I get different behaviour.


I dont think it was emacs that was consuming memory. just the projects I was working on had a large memory footprint. so when the system memory ran low, emacs became unresponsive. also in general I had found out of box spacemacs to be a bit sluggish at times. I have not had that problem with the new config.


Profiling is straightforward in Spacemacs Understanding the results may take some time. Starting with a default Spacemacs setup is useful to see if there are any issues. I haven't experienced any issues with my configuration either, except on a few nightly builds of Emacs 28, but that is to be expected.


I've seen some people have performance issues with Mac and Emacs, so may be another aspect to search on for help.


@U053B97JX Do you happen to use posframe? I was experiencing lockups when I entered certain key combinations for a while, and I think posframe was somehow the culprit.


I’d not heard of posframe before but it appears that it has been installed in my emacs at some point (package-list-packages shows it as deleted which seems suspicious to me).


Probably a transitive dependency of something you were using. Perhaps a transitive dependency of Spacemacs (or Emacs) itself.

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Gleb Posobin17:11:30

I've been having problems with both spacemacs and doom Emacs when running clojure: it would hang up every day or so at random point, the screen would not refresh but interestingly the window title would change when I pressed keys to switch buffers. The only option would be to kill it. I switched to this Emacs a week ago, haven't had a problem yet: Plus Emacs seems more responsive now.

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I should add that I used to use a base emacs from with tools like clojure cider, etc added from melpa and a very small amount of customisation. It didn’t look pretty but worked ok. But I do like spacemacs (and prefer it to what I had before) and would like to debug and fix whatever causes it to hang so I can keep using it.


Gleb, do I understand correctly that you’re now using Spacemacs on top of homebrew-emacsport and that it works ok? I’ll give that a try if so.

Gleb Posobin19:11:39

I am using Doom, but it was misbehaving in the same way as spacemacs.

Gleb Posobin19:11:21

Otherwise yes, it has been working ok for the past week.

Gleb Posobin23:11:08

@U050CT4HR Maybe, but they seem to be talking about glitches, not a complete freeze I experienced.


Yeah same here, it’s a complete freeze that I keep getting 😿