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The Continium22:11:16

Hi @olical - I map q to close the log window with:

let g:conjure#mapping#log_close_visible= ["q"]
This mapping is happening (at times ) outside the log buffer. Have you seen/fixed this before ?


That mapping applies in any Clojure buffer


It's not specific to the log buffer I'm afraid.


You can get around that by leaving it on the default mapping and adding your own new mapping that only applies to the log buffer. That mapping can call through to log close

The Continium22:11:08

yes I’ll do that; thanks


All Conjure mappings are file type specific, so there's no mappings that only exist in the log buffer. I hope that makes sense, even if it's not ideal for your usecase 😬

The Continium22:11:44

makes sense; cheers