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Hi there, it seems like this extension is really nice. Although most of the time nothing happens when I use it. I have connected to the repl and I follow along: But when I press Alt+Enter Nothing happens :/


Hello. From the output window I can see that connecting did not seem to complete, or else you would see more output there. Are you using the jack-in command or "connect to running repl" command? Also, I see there's an error in the terminal. If you could paste the whole error here it may point us in the right direction.

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Also pasting your project.clj contents may help as well. And how was this project created?


Thanks for the insight. I jacke-in after restarting and now it's working. strange. I created the project via some standard Leiningen command lein app name or something


We should probably make alt+enter complain about things instead of just doing nothing.

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No problem. And I agree