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reveal New version of #reveal — is out! Since previous announcement Reveal gained some valuable UX improvements, such as: • natural structural navigation that makes value inspection similar to browsing tables — see added; • better keyboard support for table views — see updated

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Hi, I have just updated cljs-react-three-fiber examples[1] It uses three.js and react-three-fiber to render simple 3d demos[2]. The interesting part is that it shows how to integrate with non-trivial npm packages (thanks to shadow-cljs), it uses latest react via helix, with cljs-bean and custom wrapper functions we can write pretty idiomatic cljs code and it gets optimized by closure compiler and split into modules automagically. e.g. the physics demo module includes cannon physics library or the gltf loading demo modules includes gltf libraries (run ./scripts/ to see the results). [1] [2]