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Where are all the places you can use an alias keyword to interpolate data from aliases? I've seen examples in :paths and :exec-args, and I'm wondering how far the rabbit hole goes...


thank you


I'm looking for a tool that will help pull out unnecessary :exclusions - ie keeping the set of resolved dependencies unchanged for some combination of aliases. anyone know of such a thing? thanks


@henryw374 I once diagnosed a dependency problem like this using clojure.spec:


another thing I'm looking for is a documented description of how deps chooses which version of a dependency to use. I expect it's there but I just can't see it on and so far google has failed

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:11:16

I did a talk at the conj about it, that’s probably the best description right now. The summary though is that it tries to use the newest version it can.


"the newest version it can" could be easily misinterpreted as "the newest version available on Maven central and/or Clojars", e.g. similar to behavior of using a -SNAPSHOT or -RELEASE version.


Would it be accurate (but slightly longer) to say "the newest version among all of those versions explicitly requested by at least one of your dependencies (but top level can override that)" ?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:11:02

But top level dep versions always win


gottit! thanks


is there any way to tell the clj command to ignore my custom .clojure/deps.edn?


ah, I may have found it, -Srepro