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I ran into issues with Dynamic Routing after upgrading from 3.1.10 to 3.4.3. Maybe it helps someone who is running into similar issues. We kept on seeing this error dr/target-ready! was called but there was no router waiting for the target listed:. The cause: We wrapped (dr/change-route! ..). in a mutation. Somewhere between version 3.1.10 and 3.4.3 dynamic routing started using the binding comp/*after-render true to block the deferred-routes completion-fn tx’s until the next render. The usim event route! would trigger this render and un-block the tx’s of the deferred routes. Mutation actions also have the binding comp/*after-render set to true by default causing the event route! to also be blocked until the next render. Solution: Don’t wrap (dr/change-route! ..) in a mutation or bind comp/*after-render to false in the mutation action.

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omg thank you, I was searching for the cause just now