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Hi, using spacemacs with CIDER. I want to document the REPL outcome and include in my code. I would be using SPC m e p (as per the CIDER doc) but I do not have that option presented; I have alls option except that one. The docs states "SPC m e p print last sexp (clojure interaction mode only)" - what can I do about it? I have the latest CIDER, spacemacs and emacs 26.3


Even if you don't have the keybinding, you can call underlying cider function with M-x function-name. If you prepend it with the universal argument (`SPC u`0, the result will be inserted into the buffer


@dev.4openid the SPC m e p keybinding was added to Spacemacs develop on March 27th 2020. If you are using Spacemacs develop branch, then do a git pull to get the newest version. If you are using the much older Spacemacs master branch, then consider upgrading to develop -

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