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I assume it's either CIDER or the newish changes to error messages in Clojure 1.10.1 onwards. Maybe a screenshot would be useful (I rarely look at error messages that closely)


What's the difference between master and develop branch and when we can reasonably expect a new release to catch up on changes in develop?


Should I expect any issues when using develop with Emacs 25.3.1 on Mac OS X Catalina?

eccentric J17:05:06

I've been using it on my OS X Catalina Air no major problems I've noticed after updating to latest develop a day or so ago.

eccentric J17:05:35

One note is that tools like clj-kondo are merged into the clojure layer on develop so it's a slightly different process to enable it.


evil-users, how do you eval single sexp fron normal-mode?


Would cider-eval-sexp-at-point work for you?


Because any eval-last-sexp command in normal mode requires you to move one character after the sexp.


And if there’s nothing in the line other than this sexp - I end up having to go into insert-mode only to evaluate.


@slawek098 There’s spacemacs/cider-eval-sexp-end-of-line which is bound to SPC m e l or SPC m e $ on develop


Oh, I haven’t written. There’s evil-move-beyond-eol

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Would cider-eval-sexp-at-point work for you?


@slawek098 rather than complext your evil setup, you can always move to the line below to eval a previous expression. There is no need to change the behavior of Evil or add complexity to the Evil setup by moving beyond a boundary.


I mainly use cider-eval-defun-at-point which will evaluate the whole current expression, regardless of where the cursor is. I consider this the default evaluation command.


I only use cider-eval-last-sexp when I explicitly want to evaluate a nested function


There are several more ways to evaluate an expression, so no need to stick with just last-sexp


I will consider that.Thanks.


This is Emacs though, so you can of course do what works best for you as long as you are happy to maintain your own custom changes :)

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eccentric J21:05:53

Anyone ever encounter company-capf: Readtable JSON error 37


Never noticed this. Does this appear on the *messages buffer or something that Cider is showing?*

eccentric J02:05:50

If I type something like my-lib/, it will change it immediately to my-lib, then show that in the status.

eccentric J02:05:25

It is listed in the messages buffer as well but it has become an obstacle in writing working code.


Sounds like something is broken / corrupt with company package. If you upgraded the packages recently, then try delete company and restart Emacs. Or try delete the .elc files for company and restart Emacs. Or disable auto-completion / company until you have time to fix the problem.

eccentric J16:05:32

Alright I’ll give that a shot.

eccentric J18:05:08

Unfortunately that didn’t work

eccentric J19:05:14

Ooh progress! I traced it down to the related package.

eccentric J21:05:00

Anytime you try to write clojure?