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hey folks, I’m using leiningen to run a pretty simple clojure app on a VPS that only uses ipv6, and I’m havin trouble making outbound connections using leiningen to download the necessary deps. You can see the steps I’ve followed, and the steps to reproduce this too (it’s an open repo)


Its this a common issue with leiningen? I’m pretty new to clojure, and the only reference I can find is this one here:


@mrchrisadams the common approach is not using lein on the server -- instead using lein uberjar to make a standalone package containing all deps, then all your server needs is java itself


@mrchrisadams there are cheap services like circleci that let you use their infrastructure to run lein and build the jar and upload it somewhere, then you can tell your server to use the new aartifact


even github can do that for you now, but in the past I've just run lein uberjar on my own laptop and pushed the result to my server via scp like some kind of cowboy :face_with_cowboy_hat:


@noisesmith heh, thanks 🙂 I’m just using cryogen to build a static site, and was hoping to have a git-hooks based setup on the server itself so pushing to it would trigger a build, and generate the static files. I’m already using github, so i might just make a github action instead, and file an issue on the leiningen repo, as I’ve been able to make outbound connections using the vanilla jdk14 from oracle.