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Jakob Durstberger17:05:46

Hello, I am sure this has been asked many times before but I can’t find a way to resolve this. I created a re-frame app using the day8/re-frame-template. When I use lein dev and then connect to the REPL in spacemacs I see the warning:

[:selected :app]WARNING: clj-refactor and refactor-nrepl are out of sync.
Their versions are 2.5.0 (package: ) and n/a, respectively.
You can mute this warning by changing cljr-suppress-middleware-warnings.
I have added refactor-nrepl to my project.clj as described here:
:plugins [[lein-garden "0.3.0"]
                 [lein-shell "0.5.0"]
                 [refactor-nrepl "2.5.0"]
                 [cider/cider-nrepl "0.25.0-alpha1"]]
But it is still showing the same warning :white_frowning_face: Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hey @jakob.durstberger, I don't use emacs these days so unfortunately don't have more information to help you but if you do find a fix please let me know or raise an issue on the re-frame-template repository so I can fix the template.

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