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Hi guys! When I jack in, I get the error in Tasks output:

Error: the task 'Calva: Calva Jack-in' neither specifies a command nor a dependsOn property. The task will be ignored. Its definition is:
    "type": "shell",
    "id": "shell,lein,update-in,:dependencies,conj,'[nrepl\"0.6.0\"]',--,update-in,:dependencies,conj,'[clj-kondo\"2020.04.05\"]',--,update-in,:plugins,conj,'[cider/cider-nrepl\"0.23.0\"]',--,update-in,'[:repl-options :nrepl-middleware]',conj,'[\"cider.nrepl/cider-middleware\"]',--,with-profile,+dev,repl,:headless,",
    "problemMatcher": [],
    "label": "Calva: Calva Jack-in"
Nevertheless, the connection works. Is it a known issue?


Please file this as an issue. It is good that the connection still works, but the error worries me...


Ok, I’ll do a bit later today.


Another issue I got recently is that “go to definition” inside a project fails. I can go to core functions definitions, but for project ones I get an error


Thanks for the report. Can you produce a bit of a reproduction description?


Yes, please read my message below


Yeah, found it now. 😃


This is known by me, but I'd love me an issue reported on it. Especially now that we have that nice video that can go along with it.


Ok, I’ll create an issue for that.


A bit more about GTD issue, I found that it works only for normal functions, but it doesn’t work for namespaces, aliases, and protocol functions. Despite that, peeking definition seems working. Also I recorder a video to demonstrate it


In some cases it’s even worse, it doesn’t open anything and closes current file.


Dear Calva friends. I need some help testing a new build. It is really boring, and should just work exactly the same way as the currently released Calva. I have just stopped using an external lib for doing something that we have tech for in Calva itself (and vastly better tech at that). Here's the VSIX:


Now you can test that boring build together with another ”should work as before” change. This time it is about how indentation-as-you-type is performed. We have been using cljfmt for that up until now, which makes sense, because it is tightly coupled with formatting. But it is not very efficient, Calva already has the knowledge about the code structure, and also how to use cljfmt indent settings. So with this build no cljfmt is used for indent-as-you-type. Hopefully you will only notice that is a bit less flicker and that indenting large lists is much faster. Please give it a spin:

👍 16

(It includes the remove-paredit.js fix above, so you'll be testing both with this last build.)