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From Reddit. Something I have faced as well. Hi, I'm new to both VS Code and Clojure. I've been following the online book "Clojure for the Brave and True" and have reached a chapter containing java Interops. A problem I've noticed is that when I try to hover over java functions such as (.toUpperCase "hello") (java.lang.Math/abs -3) I get a "No Documentation Available" If I create a java class in VS Code, there is documentation, I've also tried with other IDE's such as Eclipse. Any help on this subject would be great! Thanks.


I saw that one too. Will need to investigate some.

Sam DeSota18:05:44

Trying to debug a very weird bug with calva, have master cloned locally, but can't isolate the source of the issue. I have a clojure project with both cljs + clj files (this is ok, right?). I'm running calva with lein + figwheel main. When I use the load file command in Calva, calva tries to evaluate my clj file as a cljs file, and I get all kinds of errors in the Figwheel Repl. I peeked at the source and nothing stood out, so I cloned Calva, added a debug statement under evaluate.js/loadFile, and ran launch extension. The error then went away! It evaluated the clj file in the clj repl. However, I was using the latest version you released a few hours ago already, so I ran vsce package in the calva master I had cloned, and installed calva via the vsix. Same error, calva tries to evaluate .clj as .cljs I go back to vscode, run calva via "npm run watch" + "Launch Extension" vscode task, and now it's still trying to evaluate clj files as if they're cljs. I reload several more times with various different steps to jack in, and sometimes it runs clj as cljs and sometimes it runs clj as clj. I can't seem to isolate the issue. Let me know if you have any ideas or intuition on why this might be.