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what could cause this to happen, @marshall @jaret? no ddb throttling at all, heartbeat totally stable, but all services started getting transaction timeouts, and as you can see on the graph, live index threshold stuck at full. first time we've ever seen this!


@robert-stuttaford would you be able to start a case and share logs, version, config settings? We’d be interested in looking at this in more detail.


my colleague Geoff will mail soon!


I’m curious what the answer is when ya’ll find it.


Is it possible to restore a database from a file on disk into an in-memory database? I'd like to write some tests for my code but don't want to point them towards the database on my system since that isn't portable. I know how to restore a database from the command line, what I am looking for is some Clojure code which demonstrates how to take an on-disk backup and restore it into an in-memory Datomic database for use in my tests. Thanks!


Is a public api?