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I just though of something: on this new version of Chlorine, I'm adding sci as a new dependency. This means that, if we hook it right, it can be possible to extend Chlorine in ClojureScript đŸ˜„

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I do think the current approach of using Atom's init scripts is a good one too, but maybe by changing a little bit we can even live-code configs, so no more Atom reloads to see if init scripts did work... don't know yet on how to do it, but it's quite possible đŸ™‚


seems quite interesting!


Yes, the thing is that with the current "interactive results" plug-in customizations can be first-class


It means that you can evaluate anything, and when you get the result the user can decide how to render that result - even if it involves further interactions with the REPL


So, if there's a better way to make it easier for the user to write these interactions... maybe we can see some interesting developments