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an article that helped me compare between RDF and property graphs (the model of databases like Neo4J and others):


since you are talking abou t"servers" I'm guessing it could be an interested read to you since it talks about practical/real world data modeling


There’s been movement on reification in RDF since then in that there’s a proposed set of standards RDF*/SPARQL*/Turtle* etc that support edge properties. Whats more at least 4 RDF databases already claim support for it (including stardog), and RDF4j has experimental support available in their native store and memory store implementations too. Reification would definitely be nice in some instances, but you can get by easily enough without it. Also RDF* is not RDF; so I’d be wary of it introducing interop problems, and a more complex data model.


found this thread which answers some questions about addressability and compares RDF* with named graphs