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Kaocha 1.0.629 is out, with two new plugins, :orchestra and :preloads, as well as a bugfix. Kaocha is a feature complete, user friendly and extensible test runner. Thanks @danielcompton for the new plugins!

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Just published Chlorine, Socket REPL and nREPL plug-in for the Atom editor. On this release, an interesting addition: it's possible to render arbitrary "reagent" elements. This can open lots of possibilities for interactions on the editor that depends on code from the REPL, huge customizations, data science, and the possiblity to customize the renderer as far as one can think of. The documentation have better examples on what's possible:

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Also, beginning to support Orchard functions. For now, only info is implemented, but more will come 🙂 There's also lots of experiments on integrating pink-gorilla inside the REPL, thanks to this new renderer and the work from @UCSJVFV35 on the pink-gorilla/gorilla-ui project.

Adrian Smith23:05:01

If I'm understanding that right it looks amazing


Wow, very cool!


Any questions, please ask here or on #chlorine channel. I'll be glad to answer then 🙂