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It seems that website (the website for those using the develop branch of Spacemacs) is a little behind, last update was 8th July 2019. There is a bot that manages (at least some of) the deployment process and has a website at That site was build on the 15th September, so also a little behind. So the most up to date source of info is in the repository readme files


Joker is now an optional part of the Spacemacs Clojure layer, via You can now have multiple linters running (you need to install their binaries first of course). So you could have clj-kondo and joker running together if you wish. I find clj-kondo works well enough by itself, so dont agree with the recommendation to use both, but there are a few edge cases that Joker may still catch that clj-kondo does not. From discussions in #emacs channel it seems you may experience duplicate linter warnings if you run both linters together. I am very interested to hear which linters we are all using. Thanks

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fwiw I have this joker wrapper script on my machine:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

## turn off some joker features, so I can test clj-kondo better

/usr/local/bin/joker "[email protected]" 2>&1 \
    | grep -v "unused parameter" \
    | grep -v "unused binding" \
    | grep -v "unused namespace" \
    | grep -v "unsupported binding form" \
    | grep -iv "unable to resolve symbol" \
    | grep -v "duplicate require" \
    | sed -e 's/$/ (joker)/'
exit 0
It suppresses a bunch of warnings and adds (joker) to the end, so I see the error is coming from joker. Sometimes it reminds me of something I still need to implement (but it doesn't happen that often anymore).


but this is mostly for myself/developing kondo


if you're missing something that's in joker but not in kondo, lemme know


I havent missed using Joker in the last few months, hence my curiosity as to if others are still using it or using both clj-kondo and joker. I've not heard from anyone using squiggly/eastwood yet either.