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Hi all, I was invited to give a talk this week - I refreshed & updated a talk I did in 2013 that I'd be happy to offer up to the Clojure meetup if folks are interested:

The Patterns You Can't {See,Refactor}.

There are patterns in our software that sit right in the middle of our blind spot.  We have many powerful tools for abstraction and refactoring our programming languages - though I believe Lisp Macros are a tool that allows us to abstract above limits that exist in most programming languages.  In the time we have together I hope to convince you that Lisp Macros represent an unique, powerful tool and that learning more about them will improve us as programmers.

(slides for reference:

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Thanks for the link to the slides. Looked them over. Looks very comprehensive. If you're up for presenting at the next meetup (Nov 13) you're on!