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Oliver George00:10:05

Anyone using the latest react-native release with re-natal?


Do you have anything to say about it ?


Sorry for the no-answer. If you had have face any problem with the library, try search on google then ask here clearly. We will help you if we can.

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I’m not using the latest react-native, but Oliver’s question was on my mind too for a while, so I’m glad that he asked. I chatted to a bunch of people about this last night, at a react-native meetup, who are using react-native “natively”, sans cljs, and their take is to stick with 0.59 as it has less bugs issues than 0.6*. And another gem was that as far as react-native releases go, there are some releases that are good and others that aren’t so great…


as @U3SG7RX7A said, too many issues on 0.60 for re-natal. However I made it work with shadowcljs

Oliver George21:10:48

Thanks guys. I was wondering if it was worth the effort to try. Sounds reasonable to wait for now.