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Sounds cool!


I want to get CIDER itself to play with the new Emacs xref framework, but it’s probably too early for this, as we still have to support Emacs 25.


the xref stuff does sound interesting -- i got the impression that one can (or will be able to) get more out of it other than jumping to definitions (e.g. renaming?).


@ericihli here's are some links: instructions for indexing: repository (not much to see there apart from the code atm): if you try it out, please let me know how it goes. although i've found it useful, it's definitely far from perfect.


@bozhidar ah, i didn't know that emacs 25 was where xref got added initially. i guess (eventually?) one is supposed to be able to apply xref stuff to search+replace as well as completion -- sounds pretty nice, though i'm clueless how usable that is atm.


Well, the xrefs in Emacs are just a generic framework that everyone has to implement themselves. Dmitry Gutov has been adding a few such frameworks in recent versions, but I haven’t had much time to explore them. Generally like everything new there are many rough edges and opportunities for improvement.


i guess it can pay to play around a bit but hold off on really working things in -- thanks for the info.