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Ar Nazeh08:08:57

I am trying to consume a library that is using the experimental classProperties

static ERROR = ERROR
Is there a way to configure Shadow to work with that?


consume how? what is the problem?

Ar Nazeh08:08:01

Just importing it in a build that targets the browser

(ns app.client.hyper
  (:require ["hyperspace" :refer [Client Server]]))
and this is the error
Failed to inspect file

it was required from

Errors encountered while trying to parse file
  {:line 60, :column 15, :message "'(' expected"}
But I know from trying the same thing with a create-react-app project that the problem is the experimental classProperties, it suggested using a and pointed out this as the reason of the error.


which shadow-cljs version is this?


as far as I know the closure compiler added support for this


maybe not though. if you are on the latest version probably not.


then there is nothing to do unfortunately


yeah no luck then


well you can always use webpack as described here in option 2

🙏 3
Ar Nazeh09:08:07

I will try that


I just upgrade to the latest version of shadow-cljs and my build report now has some of the dependencies in red. I think this means that the red dependencies are duplicated across modules. Is that correct? Example picture is attached


hmm I guess thats a bug. its supposed to be red for duplicated npm packages only


It did also show up for duplicate npm packages. Would you like me to file an issue on github about it?