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Hi All! @audiolabs made some new Datomic Cloud setup/getting started videos and we'd appreciate retweets for visibility! If you haven't had a chance to try out Cloud maybe this is your sign. Cheers and happy friday!


New Datomic Cloud setup and getting started videos: • Setup - • Getting Started -

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That’s great! What I’m currently looking for is Datomic product information that is suitable for a non-technical Product Management team. Datomic’s website mostly is pretty technical and feature highlights quickly go into technical details. Can you recommend a resource that answers the question: Why would I adopt Datomic for my business?

Drew Verlee21:08:49

Can you share what your business is? It might help focus the answer.


We are a financial services company and are weening off our users from SFDC. Datomic would be a great fit for our needs. What would be helpful is good ole marketing material for a non-technical audience


@U628K7XGQ I think this is an area we could do better story telling, but our customers have done some of this in the past. Particularly @U06GS6P1N a few years ago with this post:


thank you!