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Cam Saul02:08:58

Announcing the initial release of a new fast and extensible whitespace linter. Checks files for trailing whitespace, tabs, files that don't end in newlines, files that end in blank lines, Unicode characters that look maddeningly similar to ASCII ones, and invisible Unicode characters. Written in Clojure but you can use it to check any sort of text file. (Currently Clojure CLI only) At Metabase we used to use Bikeshed to check (some) of these things, but we recently transitioned from Leiningen to the Clojure CLI so we were without a replacement for a bit (AFAIK Bikeshed doesn't support the Clojure CLI). I'm sure there are other tools out there that could check these things for you (maybe not all of them), but I wanted to wrap my head around writing -T commands, so it seemed like a good excuse to write another linter.

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We've done first steps on reimplementing mastodon-bot ( on clojure/jvm. Mainly because on jvm we can choose, when to go async. Feels quite good & we improved rss-input validation on our way using spec If anyone want's to join our jorney, pls. dm

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