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Good Morning!


Good morning 😎


omg that is a lot of rain


Yep. It’s certainly not a day for washing your bike in the garden. Guess what I’m going to be doing in a minute? Yep, I didn’t follow my own rules after last weekend’s ride, meaning I’ve got to clean half of South Wales off my mountain bike in preparation for getting it dirty again Sunday.


great place to live :man-mountain-biking: what's your ride?


Last Sunday was Cwmcarn. Not sure about this Sunday - I live near Birmingham. Do you live in the valleys?


oh I simply meant I heard great things about Wales :) Dyfi park looks beastly I live in Barcelona, got into MTB not too long ago. Got a scott genius, jumping it and refining techniques on the regular


how about you?


Yeah, Dyfi does look good and very challenging. I’ve ridden for years, historically riding hardtail, but I recently bought a Bird Aether 9 which I love. I struggle in the heat, but I bet the riding in Spain is amazing?


Bird looking good 👀 at least throughout the Mediterranean coast it tends to be very dry, with some exceptions. So the popular trails can be a bit damaged there's also the pyrinees and the atlantic coast which also is hilly and presumably wetter


can't stand the heat either, normally I go on a ride from around 7:30 PM so it's fresher but still catching sunlight :)


7:30pm is often the hottest part of the day in the UK because of the moisture. The only cool time is early morning, I typically ride about 7am on Sunday mornings! Our popular trails also get pretty damaged but normally because of the wet!

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Ben Hammond08:08:06

doesn't rain count as automated bike washing?

Ben Hammond08:08:29

you just have to pop out every now and then to reorientate the bike


Haha, I like your approach @ben.hammond. I have tried it but unfortunately, it just makes a rusty mess 😆


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