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Vishal Gautam02:09:33

Hi @vlaaad I am trying to use reveal using atom text editor. I have connected to socket repl using chlorine in atom. I have also started reveal app. when I execute expressions from the text editor, I want the results to be printed in the reveal app. whats the best way to do that

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@vishal.gautam You need my atom-chlorine-setup which has eval-and-`tap>` commands and key bindings

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Instead of the built-in Chlorine eval-block / eval-top-block commands, I use tap-block / tap-top-block. Those do the evaluation and then tap> the result, which shows up in Reveal.


If you get stuck with Atom/Chlorine, feel free to ask Qs in the #chlorine channel.


@vlaaad Is there a way to sort table:view by key from the keyboard? I can only get it to sort by clicking in the header with my mouse since I can't navigate into the header itself.


I couldn't find any built-in way to do it. I'll write it to my list of QoL improvements for Reveal.


Is there a way to "remote control" the reveal gui from Clojure? E.g. I would like a (reveal/clear) function that clears the screen or a view as table/chart etc. Because I would rather trigger those actions from my repl instead of switching windows and doing it in the gui. I don't like it when I have to leave Emacs 😄


No remote control for now, sorry


good idea though, I’ll keep it in mind 👍